Steps to join the Manaslu Trail race

These are the steps you need to follow to join the Manaslu Trail Race.

1. Enquire

The pre-registration form is here. Fill the form and submit the information about your running experience, and any questions / queries you may have, and will will invite you to complete the final registration form.

2. Register

We’ll send you a link to complete registration and deposit payment after successful pre-registration.

3. Book your flight

You need to arrive on Saturday 11th November or earlier. The earliest day you should plan to leave is Friday 24th November, though we would recommend booking a day or so later so that you can enjoy Kathmandu’s strange and wonderful sights. If you’ve booked your flight, please add your flight details here.

4. Arrange insurance

You should ensure that your insurance covers hiking at altitude (up to 5,135m) plus cover for helicopter evacuation. It is many days by trail and road to reach a well-functioning hospital, should it be necessary, making helicopter the preferred, though of course hopefully unnecessary, option. Some suggestions here. Please add your insurance details here.

5. Send a passport scan and photo

In order to process the paperwork for the permit Manaslu and the Annapurna Conservation Area, we need a scan of the biodata page of your passport, and an electronic passport photograph which we can print for the permits (we need 4 in total). For the latter,  just email a photo of yourself that conforms to passport rules – white background, well lit, head and shoulders in view, picture taken from eye level etc. Here’s the form to upload them.

6. Accommodation requirements

Let us know if you prefer a single room in Kathmandu so we can try to manage it. A single supplement will apply. We’ll also try to match like people when sharing. Let us know if you wish to share with someone specifically. Also please inform us if you will need extra days booking in Kathmandu (we can book and you pay on check out). We can suggest other hotels in Kathmandu to stay before and after the race to give you a range of experiences in different areas of the city,  though ask you to contact them directly for rates, availability and bookings.

7. Dietary needs

If you have allergies, or can’t eat certain types of foods, please let us know by filling in the Food Form.

8. Medical

We’re replacing the downloadable medical form with an online form which should be much quicker to use and save time and paper. It is currently still not completed, but here’s the sample medical questionnaire which is hosted on the trailrunningnepal site.

9. Packing

Practice packing your portered/carried bag. Check the equipment list. Keep your packing to the essentials only and under 10kg, as our porter/mule support team also have to cover the route you run, but carrying those bags…. Less is more. Consider wearing a merino wool base-layer to avoid armpit issues.

10. Sign the disclaimer

Before you run, we’ll need to ask you to sign a disclaimer form. You can do this online here: Manaslu Trail Race waiver form

11. On arrival…

Tourist visa You can buy a tourist visa on arrival. Information is here. You need one passport photo and $25 or $40 depending on how long you will stay. And a pen to fill the visa application form.

We will be there to collect you at the airport, so no need to worry about local currency or taxi drivers.

More information on our FAQs.

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