2013 competitor list – provisional

Here is a provisional list of registered competitors for 2013 and where they come from. Let us know if you which to get in touch with others.

1 David Binney Male New Zealand
2 Findlay Young Male British
3 Claire Palmer Female British
4 Sabine Lintzen Female german
5 David Palmer Male British
6 Peter Lanz Male swiss
7 Bruce Chisholm Male New Zealand
8 Richard Morbey Male New Zealand
9 Mick Thwaites Male British/Australian
10 Shaun Mulholland Male Australian
11 Emma Vaughan Female Australian
12 Renee McGregor Female british
13 Sylvie MURAT Female french
14 Denis MERCIER Male french
16 Marianne Bartlett Female USA
17 Jessica Aldaba Female Canadian
18 andrew wong Male Australian
19 Tricia Watkins Female USA
20 Karen Carrington Female USA
21 Dorothea Gierra Female German
22 Tere Avila Female USA
23 Willehard Wortelboer Male Netherlands
24 Jane Mak Wortelboer Female Netherlands
25 Geoff Dunn Male NZ
26 yasmin wadhai Female Iraqi
27 Anne-Marie Flammersfeld Female German
29 Sylvie Paquette Female Canadian
30 Lizzy Hawker Female British
31 Anna Frost Female New Zealander
32 Mike Kuang Male USA
33 Jake Zmrhal Female USA
34 liliana lovell Female usa
35 Daniel Huckaby Male American
36 Kevin Bailey Male United States
37 Michael Collins Male Australian
38 James Leith Male British
39 Maria Kyles Female United States