Travel & stage itinerary

MMTR-2013-full-track imageThis is the itinerary for the race and the days before and after, with the Google Earth tracks and distances. The height changes may be less than shown due to inaccuracies of GPS spot heights recorded at the bottoms of river gorges.

Click the image to the right for a Google Earth file of the route for 2018. Specific days’ routes are given below in the list.

Japanese version

1, 2, 3Sat, Nov 7thDays 1-3 – Kathmandu (7th arrive, 8th organise, 9th depart to start)
4Tue, Nov 10thStage 1 – Sotikhola to Tatopani 19.5km 2080m  -1770m 
5Wed, Nov 11thStage 2 – Tatopani to Deng 32.2km 1250m  -440m 
6Thu, Nov 12thStage 3 – Deng – Hinang Gompa 27.5km 2130m  -780m 
7Fri, Nov 13thStage 4 – Hinang to Samagaon 24km 1550m  -1180m 
8Sat, Nov 14thStage 5 – Samagaun ~ Manaslu Base Camp ~ Samagaun 12.7km 1310m  -1310m 
9Sun, Nov 15thStage 6 – Samagaon to Samdo 7.9km 530m  -310m 
10Mon, Nov 16thDay 10 – Rest/Walking – Samdo – Tibetan Border – Samdo (20km)1200m ) -1200m 
11Tue, Nov 17thHike / run Samdo to Bimtang via Larkya pass 22km 1490m  -1594m 
12Wed, Nov 18thStage 7 – Bimtang to Dharapani 22.86km 630m  -2410m 
13Thu, Nov 19thDay 13. Return to Kathmandu (Drive)  -2410m 
14Fri, Nov 20thKathmandu departure (14th day!)  -2410m 

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