Emergency contact with race

This information has been superseded by sending a message via our tracking device.

Should you need to contact a participant urgently, you can do so via Thuraya’s free sms service.

Please bear the following points in mind:

  • We check the phone in the mornings (6am) and evenings (6pm) Nepal time and some locations may have poor reception, but at least once per day the phone will be checked.
  • Keep messages down to 100 characters, even though it says 160. Send as many short messages as needed. Click “Send SMS” then hit the back button and type message again.
  • You can also send messages from your own mobile with unlimited characters at your own cost. Long messages will be broken up in to multiple messages.
  • Don’t use apostrophes as they don’t work.
  • If you need a reply, include a mobile number. The service is far from perfect. The reply may or may not reach you, if necessary we’ll call, speaking very slowly and clearly in as few words as possible.
  • We won’t reply unless completely necessary. We need to conserve the phone’s battery. Electricity supply is erratic at best in November as micro-hydro electricity plants get problems with ice.


  • Note the primary number is +88216 21370195 and you use the last 8 digits in the website box at https://sms.thuraya.com/. The secondary number is +88216 21289545.
send sms to thuraya phone

The Thuraya free sms form looks like this