2014 results

The 2014 race had 34 participants from nine different countries, with level stretching from seasoned hikers to elite athlete, all completing 7 stages and approximately 197km. The overall results you can find below.

marco beretta manaslu 2014

Marco Beretta, Italy. 8th overall. Manaslu in the background.


Top 3 Females

  1. Mira Rai (NEP) 20:03:57
  2. Holly Rush (UK) 20:52:48
  3. Isabelle Dufour (FR) 24:28:13

Top 3 Males

  1. Upendra Sunuwar (NEP) 17:31:01
  2. Bhim Gurung (NEP) 18:53:59
  3. Samuel Becker (FR) 20:10:23

Top 10

Upendra Sunuwar 17:31:01
Bhim Gurung 18:53:59
Mira Rai (F) 20:03:57
Samuel Becker 20:10:23
Dharma Maharjan 20:47:00
Holly Rush (F) 20:52:48
Henry Braybrook 21:35:24
Marco Beretta 22:06:44
Ramesh Sunar 22:24:12
Ian Wright 23:39:36

View the complete results on Google Docs.

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