2014 entry list so far

A good number of participants this year, though sadly some had to drop out at the last minute due to injury and personal / family reasons.

Looking forward to welcoming all of the participants this weekend.

We also welcome Lizzy Hawker who’s going to be gently hiking around and assisting with start finishes and course marking, under doctors orders to take it easy, editing her book.


Race Number Name
1 Douglas Aldrich
2 Angela Aldrich
3 Rachael Gooberman-Hill
4 Eric Biard
5 Samuel Becker
6 Cathrine Tverdal
7 Nic Heaney
8 Martha Kristine Syvertsen
9 Jose Jorge Garcia Fidalgo
10 Roberto Gonz‡lez Garc’a
11 Julian Ross
12 Ian Wright
13 Steve Dennehy
14 Fabien Billaud
15 David Smithey
16 Holly Rush
17 Martin Rush
18 Jane Shadbolt
19 Gary Noall
20 Francesca Eyre
21 GD
22 Tim Craig
23 Henry Braybrook
24 Sonia Taberlet
25 Mireille Planchamp
26 Isabelle Dufour
27 Marco Beretta
28 Upendra Sunuwar
29 Mira Rai
30 Sumitra Koju
31 Bhim Gurung
32 Thomas Rees
100 Dr. Beth McElroy
101 Dr. Suvash Dawadi
102 Lizzy Hawker


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