The 2014 race will be held from 8th until 21st November. If you are interested in joining, please do take time to read through the Race Details section and the FAQ section.

(You can also provisionally register for 2015.)

Japanese version

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  2. Nicholas Heaney says:


    If you could send me more details with respect to registration and racing fees for the 2014 Manaslu Mountain Trail Run.

    I am speaking to my respective insurance group as we speak to confirm full comprehesive cover in an emergency event.

    I have run The North Face 100 event in Thailand and Singapore in 2013. I ran the 25km races and have a few racing events planned in 2014. (subject to no injurys….as always). So have some small exposure to running trail. Nothing really comparable to the environment like this event of, but nontheless, some exposure to racing trail and distance.

    Very interested to consider this type of commitment for the next leg up in personal and life challenges/life changing experiences.

    Look forward to hearing more, and any early bird discounting.

    Kind Regards

    Nicholas Heaney

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