Manaslu your desktop

If you’d like a change of scene on your computer, here is a really nice image which you can download and set as your desktop. A Facebook header image is here too. Share with friends who desktops need beautifying. Or … Continue reading

Lisa Tamati to join the Manaslu Mountain Trail race

Here’s great news. New Zealand’s Lisa Tamati will be coming to run Manaslu this November. North face Athlete Lisa’s endurance running CV is longer than most of our running strides. Click the image below to download Lisa’s bio document and … Continue reading

Your race doctor is a very nice man called Ben.

As you can imagine, with any sporting event, safety of the competitors is of paramount concern for the organisers. For a one day event, it’s relatively easy to find a paramedic, a doctor and even have an ambulance on standby. … Continue reading

More pictures from Manaslu

Thanks to Felix Weizman who just wrote to me via the website. I set this up with some people from the area to let people know that a) the trek is great and b) it is possible to do … Continue reading

General and specific information for race time from the race Doctor

General information from Dr Ben Winrow. To all competitors – please read the above link and ensure you are up to date with all vaccinations – it is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately covered to avoid preventable … Continue reading

Karuna discount

Karuna are making our simple, no fanciness t-shirts. Their speciality is clothing from natural fabrics. For instance they have t-shirts made from Bamboo which is incredibly and unusually soft. Very kindly, they’re giving all of us 25% of the marked … Continue reading

Lizzy Hawker to run the Manaslu Mountain Trail Race

Lizzy Hawker loves the mountains and where better to find mountains than the Himalaya. She’s been several times to Nepal, always completing a tough running challenge, from the Everest Sky Race, (parts of) The Great Himalaya Trail, the 319km Everest … Continue reading

2013: Anna Frost and Lizzy Hawker return to Nepal

Perhaps the best thing about multi-stage races are the great people you meet. People from diverse countries, backgrounds, with diverse careers, and there’s a lot of time to get to know each other. In the out of the way places … Continue reading

Fundraising on the Manaslu Trail race

On the 2013 race, Karen Carrington, an American resident of Shanghai competed to raise money for children to have necessary surgery that they could not otherwise afford, through the charity Heart 2 Heart. Congratulations to Karen for all her hard … Continue reading

2014 entry list so far

Your first name Your last or family name Nationality Douglas Aldrich USA Angela Aldrich USA Susan Baittle USA Samuel Becker French ERIC BIARD BELGIUM Fabien Billaud French Cristina Bonilla Colombian Piers Boucher UK bridget brady irish Henry Braybrook English Véronique … Continue reading